What Your Dollars Support

Support the Friends of the North Pikes Creek Wetlands and watch your dollars make a difference in our community.

The Friends are committed to developing infrastructure to make the North Pikes Creek wetlands accessible to local K-12 students for educational use, and to the public for recreational activities including adult educational programs and field trips, bird watching, wildlife viewing, nature appreciation, photography, hiking, cross country skiing, snowshoeing, and hunting.

The North Pikes Creek wetlands and forests hold great promise for the local community as both an important educational asset, and as a nature-based recreational venue. Realization of the site's educational benefit to the community is dependent on appropriate development of the infrastructure-- the addition of a modest parking facility will allow school buses to bring students to the site, and the installation of a wheelchair accessible boardwalk will provide safe access for school children, as well as people of all ages and physical abilities.

Please join the Friends. Your membership dollars are important, and will be used to fund our community outreach programs and other mission-driven activities. Next year we will continue our informative educational presentation series, assist teachers with incorporating wetland studies into their curricula, and fund the purchase of materials for classroom projects at the wetlands, such as bat and wood duck boxes.

In 2018/19, the FNPCW purchased 120-acres of wetland property that was threatened by fragmentation and conversion, with generous funding from the Knowles-Nelson Stewardship Program, the Biodiversity Fund and the Four Cedars Environmental Fund of the Duluth Superior Area Community Foundation, the John C. Bock Foundation, the USFWS Joint Venture GLRI program, the Arthur L. and Elaine V. Johnson Foundation, and substantial community contributions from our members. The Friends have begun to move forward with ambitious plans to create the Beaver Hollow Education Area.  We plan to provide safe, convenient access to the wetlands, and utilize a small area of the property for an outdoor environmental learning lab for students and the community. Beaver Hollow will be enhanced with a safe, off road parking area capable of accommodating a full-sized school bus, a wheelchair accessible boardwalk with a viewing platform at a beaver pond, interpretive signage, an information kiosk, a small, open-sided pavilion to shelter a few picnic tables to accommodate outdoor classroom work, and a solar composting toilet.

The environmental education project area has been named "Beaver Hollow", and you can find a map of the area here. The Friends will fund this exciting, multi-phase project with a combination of grant funding, and contributions from community members like you who support conservation and education. Please help us make this vision a reality by donating or pledging generously to our land acquisition and access fund.

Consider becoming a Volunteer and using your time and skills to make a difference in your community.

Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.
~ Hellen Keller