Support the Friends of the North Pikes Creek Wetlands with Your Skills

Volunteers are central to this community project. There are many ways that you can contribute to the success of the North Pikes Creek Wetlands Project.

Beaver Hollow Volunteers

  • Join a FNPCW committee.
  • Participate in enhancement projects, such as boardwalk and trail building, or planting native grasses and flowers.
  • Assist teachers and youth group leaders with student projects such as bat house building, or learning bird identification.
  • Volunteer for stream monitoring.
  • Volunteer to identify macroinvertebrates in a laboratory setting.
  • Volunteer to count bats at the Les Voigt Fish Hatchery.
  • Donate materials for site enhancement or youth projects. Contact us for a list of needed materials.
  • Volunteer to give a presentation on a forest- or wetland-related topic, or volunteer to lead an outing.
  • Contact us with your creative ideas.

For more details on any of these opportunities, contact the FNPCW at northpikescreek@gmail.com



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