The Friends and the North Pikes Creek Wetlands

In early 2012, three Town of Russell friends formed the Friends of the North Pikes Creek Wetlands (FNPCW) and undertook the acquisition of sensitive wetland properties in the headwaters of North Pikes Creek. This unique wetland area is located in Bayfield County, Wisconsin, near the South Shore of Lake Superior. This collaborative community effort resulted in the acquisition of 400 acres of wetlands, and the permanent protection of a diverse mix of habitats, including upland and boreal forest, beaver wetlands, shrublands, forested wetlands, and over 2 miles of frontage along North Pikes Creek, a Class I trout stream and Wisconsin Outstanding Resource Water. A 280-acre portion of the wetlands is designated the North Pikes Creek Wetlands Community Forest, and a 120-acre portion is the new Beaver Hollow Outdoor Education Area. All 400 acres are protected in perpetuity.